As a non-profit organization, the Chinese Professional Baseball League is led by the Commissioner who oversees the entire operation of the League, as well as conduct domestic and international orders on behalf of the League. The League's organizational structure and its governing tasks are as followed:

Office of Commissioner


Secretary General

Commissioner: Dr. John Chih-Yang Wu
Appeal Committee
  Secretary General: Feng, Sheng-Hsien
Deputy Secretary General: Wang, Huei-Min
Deputy Secretary General: Hsu, Yen-Hui
Ruling Committee

Security Division


General Management

Player conduct
Stadium & Hotel safety measurements
  Human resources
Labor relations
Legal advise

Promotion & Marketing


Baseball Operations

News and Public Relations
Promotional Activities
Sales and Sponsorships
Information and Multimedia
Arts and Creativities
  Scoring and Statistics
Stadium Public Address
Facility Management
Technical Committee
Umpires & Special rules
Grounds Crew

Finance & Controller


Strategic Planning

Accountant & Financial management
Budget & Controller
  Licensing & Authorization
League constitution, rules & regulations

International Affairs

International contact
International agreement & tournament