In the twenty four years history of CPBL a total of twelve franchises have registered with the League. Four of them have withdrawn from the league (Chinatimes, Chinatrust, Mercuries & Wei Chuan), two clubs completed transaction of sale (First to La new, Jungo to Sinon then to E-DA) and one of them was expelled after the transaction of sale (Macoto to D-media.) Alphabetically listed are the now defunct clubs:

Chinatimes Eagles

Joined the Leauge in 1993 with the Jungo organization, the Eagles quickly established itself as a power-hitting club. With the support of media guru Chinatimes Inc., the Eagles became one of the most popular and attractive clubs in CPBL. The Eagles clinched their first half-season title in 1997 (first half) but the team was almost disbanded (in the second half) due to the investigation related to possible game-fixing scandal that shock the nation. As the result the 1997 Championship Series was played by the Dragons and substituted Eagles club.
The Chinatimes organization was ordered to suspend all operations related to baseball according to the Board of Trustee of CPBL. The club withdrew from the League about one year after serving the suspension. The Eagles remained as the most hurt franchise and victim of the gangster-related game-fixing scandal.

Total Record in 5 seasons: 228W - 237L –11T
Total Winning Percentage: 0.490

Jungo Bears

Joined the League in 1993 following the successful staging of team Chinese Taipei in Barcelona Olympics, the construction giant in Taichung area recruited most of the national team members to form the heroic team of the Bears. However the star-filled lineup never made it to the playoff during the Jungo franchise era.
Jungo organization first sold its 55% share to the Sinon Group, the agricultural-based enterprise based also in Taichung, in 1995 and released all its share later in 1996 by transferring the ownership to Sinon Group. The sale of the franchise was the first and remained the only case in Taiwan's professional sports history.

Total Record in 3 seasons: 109W - 164L - 7T
Total Winning Percentage: 0.399

Mercuries Tigers

One of the four founding clubs of CPBL. The Mercuries organization is the first franchise to clinch the title (first half-season in 1990) in CPBL's history. Backed by Mercuries & Associates, one of the biggest chain store web in Taiwan, the Tigers were known as a business-oriented franchise. The famous three-day celebration sale of its first title shaped a successful model for running profitable professional baseball in Taiwan in the early days of CPBL.
However, citing long time deficit for operating the club as well as ever-decreasing audience effected by the gambling scandal, the Mercuries organization announced its withdrawal from the League during the Championship Series of 1999. The Tigers club remained as the only founding club that never won a championship in its ten years of operation.

Total Record in 10 seasons: 414W - 485L –45T
Total Winning Percentage: 0.461

Wei Chuan Dragons

Backed by the famous Wei Chuan Food Corp., it is one of the four founding clubs that turned professional after years of successful running in the amateur circle. The Dragons team is also known as one of the most successful run clubs in CPBL's history. Winner of four championships (then a record for most championships won) was said to be the only club with the ability to compete with the Brother organization with fan support. In the early years of CPBL, games between the Dragons and the Elephants are the most watched match among all matches.
The Wei Chuan organization withdrew from the League in 1999 immediately after clinching their third-in-a-row title due to the change of ownership.

Total Record in 10 seasons: 476W - 431L –35T
Total Winning Percentage: 0.525
Championships: 4


After years of supporting the Gida club in both TML & CPBL era, the Macoto Banks officially acquires the operation rights of the franchise in 2004 and renamed the club to "Macoto COBRAS." Led by famous former NPB star Kuo Tai-yuen (Kaku), the COBRAS edged the Bulls in the historical one-game playoff in 2005 to win the first-half season. After the merger of Macoto Bank with Shin Kong Financial Holdings, the COBRAS were supported by the former bank owner for the season of 2007 before selling it to D-media.

Total Record in 4 years: 215W-266L-20T
Total Winning Percentage: 0.446

Chinatrust Whales

Backed by the Chinatrust Entertainment Co., Ltd. (a branch of the Koo’s Group), the Chinatrust organization joined the league in 1997. Before the club turned professional, it broke the record previously held by the Brother organization for the most consecutive wins in an amateur season by winning 16 in a row. The Whales played in the championship series in 1999 and 2002 but were not able to win the title. The Chinatrust organization announced its withdraw from the league at the end of the 2008, one month after D-media was expelled from the league for game fixing scandal.

Total Record in 12 years: 554W-572L-36T
Total Winning Percentage: 0.492

D-media T-REX

Headed by the wireless technology firm, the D-media T-REX purchase the rights from Macoto COBRAS to start the 2008 season with CPBL. With frequent change of management, the T-REX never was able to present a strong team in its inaugural season with CPBL. The allegation of possible game fixing instructed by the ownership broke up in the later part of the season, forcing the league to suspend its operation and later to expel the club from the league.

Total Record in 1 year: 37W-60L-1T
Total Winning Percentage: 0.381


The Sinon Group completed the takeover of the franchise from Jungo organization in 1996 and changed the club’s mascot from Bear to Bull. Based in Taichung area, the Bulls organization then became the most popular team in the heartland of Taiwan. The Bulls appeared in the playoff in both 1998 and 2000 but only to lose the decisive game 7 in both series. However, the Bulls successfully won back-to-back championship in 2004 and 2005 and became the first club to represent CPBL in the inaugural Asia Series in 2005. Following the completion of 2012 season, Sinon decided to sell the club and withdrew from professional baseball after 18 years of operation.

Total Record in 18 seasons: 789W-904L-52T
Total Winning Percentage: PCT: 0.466
Championships: 2